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Gaining access to an online casino these days is fairly easy.

Although some casino websites were available since the turn of the century, there hadn’t been as much interest at first.

A better protection of gamblers’ rights by legal authorities changed this.

When considering the global situation, one can distinguish specifics for each individual country.

Nonetheless, there are certain general characteristics which should be met by all legitimate casinos worldwide in order to attract and retain their customers.

Legal licenses are the first thing you should check at any new casino website.

Moreover, you should be aware of the casino’s reputation.

Giving the software a test run can also help you decide whether the casino site can meet your expectations.

The area of online gambling has been a bit grey throughout the years, and despite the strict legal rights and obligations, people are still unaware of some aspects.

This frequently asked section should pinpoint the main issues you might encounter on any legal online casino.

On a global level, one can distinguish numerous authorities which are said to provide gambling licenses to online casinos.