Knockdown Shot Deer Hunting - Shot Placement How high is your bowstand off the ground?

How to Track Deer After the Shot Deer Movement Patterns Can calls scare bucks off?

Deer Seeing Lights Rub, Scrape, Corn Field, or Thicket Deer Running With Tail Down After Shot How does a full moon affect deer movement?

Are Wolves Killing All The Deer What does fat on arrow mean? An important and exciting part of hunting is the tracking of the animal after the shot.

Tips For Finding Shed Antlers Optimal Tree Stand Height If I shot a deer yesterday, is it okay to hunt in the same place today? Online Deer Hunting Games Gut Piles: Effect on Deer? Although it may not seem important to everyone, it can be the difference from recovering or not recovering your deer. Pay Attention a) Make a mental note of exactly of the last place you saw the deer and the point of impact.

Deer Hunting: Neck Shot or Behind the Shoulder What is an appropriate rifle for a first time deer hunter? Unfortunately the ground isn't always covered by snow. This will allow you to easily find the arrow and the beginning of the trail. Get Help a) A second person can help you line everything up.

There is quite a bit of information that can be used to figure out where the arrow hit. This can be very useful when the deer was in some tall grass or an open area. c) Another person will keep you from being impatient and making bad decisions due to your excited state of mind.

For example, fat on the arrow or a lot of white hair may mean it was low. If the deer crunches up, it is likely to be a hit too far back. b) If for any reason you believe that you did have a good hit, wait a few hours before going further than 10 yards past where the deer was hit. d) At the very least, they can mark the last sign while tracking or if you are successful, help drag the deer out of the woods.

A deer that takes off at full sprint usually signals a solid hit in my experience. If the deer is down it will still be that way 10 hours from now. Sign can easily be covered up by an impatient tracker. bottom line:they can get hit by a car and walk away,the boiler room (heart and lungs) if hit correctly is your one and only best shot with minimal tracking,they are very strong and will walk away from these secondary hit areas.

c) Stay in your stand and listen even if you can't see the deer anymore. I've read several posts about people hitting a deer, tracking it to the end of the blood trail, then not finding it. But I've seen nothing about hot to find the deer, if it could be alive, how far it might travel, etc. In my case I'm reasonably certain I inflicted a mortal wound.

How long can a deer survive and travel with it's lungs torn up by an arrow? How far past that point would it be reasonable to look? This is for those who have lost the blood trail, One thing few people realize is that when a deer lays down, it's metabolism directs blood flow to the stomach area and food digestion sets in.

So if the deer has bedded down, then was spooked, it is feasable that the blood trail will diminish for hundreds of yards. He as obviously wounded, so i figured i would take him out. I made a good shot slipping the arrow in behind his front leg.

As i released the arrow he took a step, and the shot went back about 6 inches farther than expected. After the shot he ran 20 yards and stopped and hunched up with his tail between the legs and his head Hung I thought he would expire.

I had hair and blood on the broadhead and fat on the shaft. I gave it a couple of hours and walked the blood trail, for about 300 yards. ok I've been hunting whitetail in the northwest for almost 20 years deer like to crawl under bushs into blackberry thickets anywhere they think you won't go I started in 87 with a 308 Mauser took mostly heart shots now it's neck neck shots with iron sights at 50m or more don't walk up to a deer after you put a round or arrow into it keep your distance let it stop breathing on the occasion they don't die within an hour or 2 I use an old 45gov don't leave the deer over night unless you take a shot just before dark if it's getting dark trail it deer aren't migratory it'll feed in the same place in the morning just don't spook it lay down and sleep there for the night is the best way Went on my first bow hunt Oct,31 2010 got my first kill. He stayed hunched up for over 5 min then proceeded to walk away extremely slow.

I spooked it up so i decided to give it till tonight. A young buck spotted me drawing my bow back and bolted from sight. I took aim and hit him in the shoulder all I saw was the flight in his side as he turned to run. I got down and walk up on him to find him with no arrow in him. He walked down towards a creek 40 yards away and it took him twenty min.